Anish Gupta
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Welcome to my blog


Sometimes I'm on the internet trying to figure out something and I think, "wow, somebody really should have written an article about this". Or, "fuck, online resources are dogshit". Well, now I might help people out instead of just whining. I'm definitely able to create useful content, so I may as well see what happens if I do.

Added benefits:

  • Improving my writing ability. As a maths student, when I write, I am usually solving a problem from an examples sheet or a textbook. I would like to write about maths more generally, among many other things.
  • Meeting interesting people from the internet. I hope to foster interesting discussions from my posts - or at least get called out on my bullshit. If I keep this blog up, I might build something of an audience as well.
  • Keeping a public log of various parts of my life. Making it public forces me to put some thought into what I write - it might feel nice to get over this. I would find value from looking back over it.