Anish Gupta



Anish Gupta

Maths undergraduate
University of Warwick

Hi, my name is Anish. I'm currently studying Maths at the University of Warwick with particular interests in probability, statistics and machine learning.

Tinkering with and hacking computers kept me occupied (and occasionally got me in trouble) growing up. I then fell in love with the beauty and rigour of mathematics and my attention shifted accordingly. These days, I'm interested in how we might best extract knowledge and insights from data. Doing this in finance, e.g. by converting these insights into trading strategies, is particularly fascinating: the markets get more and more unforgiving by the day and are intricately linked to current affairs and psychology.

Coding is a big part of what I do. Python was one of the first languages I learned and it has become my weapon of choice. I used it at my startup, in a CFD research project, a trading internship, and also in my degree. I switch to R if I need to do something statistically tricky, C++ if I need the speed, or TypeScript if I'm developing for the web.

In my spare time I enjoy rowing for my university and playing speed chess online. I've had fun performing guitar in jazz concerts and on the streets of Brighton.